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Kibale National Park - The park is a remarkable park with 13 primate species including the much localised Red Colobus and L'Hoest's Monkey. The opportunity to track habituated chimps-these delightful apes more closely related to humans than any other living creature are tremendous fun to watch them as they wrangle and play in fruiting trees represents Kibale's major tourist attraction especially with its network of shady forest trails. Located in the west near Fort Portal the 776 Sq.Km Park covers rain forests, swamps, rivers, and a few areas of grass land. Up to 335 species of birds have been recorded includes the African Grey Parrot, Hornbill, Greenbreasted and the African Pitta.


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Must See Places

Exploring the Crater Lakes Region Another rising attraction is the cluster of 200 crater lakes that extends northward from Queen Elizabeth National Park to Fort Portal, reaching its scenic peak in the vicinity of Kibale forest where several forest-fringed lakes have been developed as community-based ecotourism projects...